The idea of a cover that solves a big problem

I love cars. I consider them to be art on wheels and over my professional career, I have built a nice collection.

However, I live in a rural part of San Jose, California and as much a I love living near nature, there is a price to pay. This price was paying my mechanic over $20K in rodent damage repair work over a course of time. Over the years, I tried remedies such as moth balls, ultrasonic noise makers, traps and spray liquids but the were marginal when it came being effective.

I decided to stop looking for a solution and create my own. I decided to design a car cover that would seal to the ground to keep my car safe from critters. I also wanted to avoid cumbersome moisture control setups with fans and desiccants. After seeing the success from the vehicle cover, I expanded the line to protect my outdoor living investments.

"Our concept has been proven now it is time to share it with the world."

Ken Huening, creator of CoverSeal®

The start of our brand, the ultimate rodent protection cover

Patent Awarded Design

CoverSeal's revolutionary approach to car care has been recognized as a new technology. Simple in approach but novel as a product. This patented cover solves issues not addressed by its competition. The design keeps the elements and critters out that would otherwise degrade your prized car, comfortable patio furniture, barbecue, smoker or any other outdoor investment that needs protection.

356 Day Craftsmanship Guarantee

We stand by the craftmanship of our product and offer a 12-month guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied* with your CoverSeal cover, contact us for a return shipping label and receive replacement cover or monetary refund**.

* CoverSeal is designed to prevent weather and rodent damage. While we offer a 365-day craftsmanship warranty, we can’t guarantee that a rodent or nature’s elements will not damage your cover, or enter your vehicle, bbq or patio furniture. Our covers offer the best solution to protecting your outdoor living investments.

**Monetary refunds are not eligible for 3rd party purchases.