The Cover That Covers Better

CoverSeal is the ONLY outdoor cover featuring a 360° weighted bottom for the ultimate rodent and weather protection. We have your vehicle, patio, and BBQ covered!


No more rodent damage

The patented CoverSeal “ground seal” protection is the best defense from rodents and critters.

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Don't worry about the wind

CoverSeal makes the only outdoor cover featuring a 360° weighted bottom that stays on in winds of up to 40 MPH without the use of bungees cords or straps! We have your vehicle, patio furniture, or BBQ covered in any weather.

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You have questions? We have aswers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do CoverSeal covers prevent rodent damage?

CoverSeal uses its patented weatherproof, weighted apron to seal the cover to the ground. Critters of all shapes and sizes avoid lifting the cover’s heavy edge.  They will travel around the cover, realize there is no entry point, and move on in search of a more convenient shelter.

Is it OK for the cover to sit on the ground?

The bottom edge apron is completely waterproof it is made of thick >10mil high grade tarp.  This material does not degrade sitting on the ground.

Why isn't the cover more form fitting?

The covers are designed to be loose fitting.  The main reason is that it allows them to flutter in the wind.  Water is trapped in nooks and depressions in most covers, but CoverSeal will billow up in the wind, snapping the excess water off the cover. 

Does the cover come in any other color?

Silver reflects >90% of the sunlight.  It keeps the materials, furniture and barbecues cool.  The reflected sunlight also doesnt degrade the color of your cushions and improves the lifetime of the cover, keeping the CoverSeal material in top shape.

Why doesn't the cover have side-mirror pockets?

Many covers rely on the side mirror pockets to help lock the cover onto the car, especially in wind.  These are not needed with CoverSeal.  The weighted apron provides a much more effective locking of the cover down on the car.